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Page Transitions

It should be noted that I find Page Transitions to be irritating, and I have put a tutorial up for the sake of completion.

What It Is
When you jump from one page to the next there is nothing special to it. You click the link, and pop, there's the page. With page transitions hopping from one page to the next becomes a more dramatic event. Instead of displaying instantly, the page will reveal itself piece by piece.
This trick only works in IE 4.0+.

How You Do It
Place this directly after the <head> tag:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="Page-Enter" CONTENT="RevealTrans(Duration=3, Transition=0)">
<meta HTTP-EQUIV="Page-Exit" CONTENT="RevealTrans(Duration=3, Transition=0)">

Duration=3 Set 3 to whatever you want it to be. A higher number will result in a slower transition, and a lower one will result in a faster transition.
Transition=0 This specifys which transition you want. The number represents the different types:

0 Box in
1 Box out
2 Circle in
3 Circle out
4 Wipe up
5 Wipe down
6 Wipe right
7 Wipe left
8 Vertical blinds
9 Horizontal blinds
10 Checkerboard across
11 Checkerboard down
12 Random dissolve
13 Split vertical in
14 Split vertical out
15 Split horizontal in
16 Split horizontal out
17 Strips left down
18 Strips left up
19 Strips right down
20 Strips right up
21 Random bars horizontal
22 Random bars vertical
23 Random effect (any of the other 23)