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Scrolling Marquees

A scrolling marquee can be made with HTML, but it only works in Internet Explorer 3+.

This is a scrolling marquee....

How It's Made
To make a scrolling Marquee, use the <marquee> and </marquee> tag. Possible attributes for the marquee tag include:

behavior="scroll | slide | alternate"
bgcolor="hex code | color name"
direction="down | left | right | up"
loop="-1 or infinite will make the marquee loop forever. A positive number will make the scroll loop that many times."
scrollamount="pixelcount" (How far to move each skip)
scrolldelay="milliseconds" (How fast to move each skip- higher number = slower scroll)
truespeed (Scrolling Marquees will not go over a certain speed, even if you tell them too. This attribute overrides that function.


This is a scrolling marquee....
HTML: <marquee width="500" behavior="alternate">This is a scrolling marquee....</marquee>

This is a scrolling marquee....
and scroll...

scroll still...

HTML: <marquee width="500" height="100" behavior="scroll" direction="up" scrolldelay="80">This is a scrolling marquee....<br>and scroll...<br><br>scroll still...</marquee>

too fast to read!!
HTML: <marquee width="500" behavior="scroll" scrolldelay="10" truespeed>too fast to read!!</marquee>