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Web : Tao

Welcome to Web Tao, a reference and tutorial center for those interested in learning how to make thier own website, and a little more. To get started, use the links at the top for site navigation.

This is not an advanced guide, nor is it an intermediate one. It's meant for people with basic Internet knowledge, and was origenally written to assist people using my diary templates found at PixelScripts. Most of these lessons were compiled using Exercises from my old Web Design class, reference books I keep, and tips I learned online. Note that these tutorials are aimed towards windows users, not really Mac, since Windows is used most. If you use Mac you should still be able to use these tutorials, however.

If you would like better HTML tutorials, try the following books: Sams Teach Yourself XHTML in 24 Hours, and DHTML and CSS for the World Wide Web from Peachpit Press. These books will get you started. If you have a limited bank account check out some of the links (navigate More > Links > HTML).

You can download this website at my deviant art gallary, just go here.

If you ever want to restart the website, just click the home icon, , located at the bottom of every page.