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Right Clicking

Right-Clicking and Short Cut Menus
When you click the right mouse button on a file, folder, or just about any item a "shortcut menu" will appear.

The Desktop
If you right click just on your desktop (the area that you see when you minimize all windows) you can access differnt controls for the desktop.

Active Desktop > Show Desktop Icons: This will hide, or reveal your icons.
Line Up Icons: If your desktop is not on "auto arrange" you can use this to keep everything neat and lined up if you have icons moved to various locations.
Properties: This will give you access to additional options for your desktop.

Files and Folders
Right clicking on files and folders will usually produce the same short-cut menu. One of the most important is the "create shortcut" option. The created shortcut can be placed anywhere, allowing you easier access to a file.

Selecting Properties will give you important information about the file, includeing the file size.