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The Creator

Jenni's Bio
Web Tao is ran by Jenni O'Toole, a pretty hard core KMFDM / MDFMK and Megadeth fan, with a passion for creation and design.

She's been drawing since she could hold a pencil, and recently turned her hobby into a career when she discoverd computer graphics design as another art form.

She also loves her two betta fish Icky and Moulder, and is happily married to her partner in crime, Paul. She turned 21 on September 4, 2002.

A lot of people would think I spend way to much time online or working on my websites judging by the number of websites I have, but actually, I'm a highly organized person and am able to manage my time so I can keep up with updating and still call it something I do "in my spare time".

Her Websites
PixelScripts free diary templates aimed towards users, but free for any use. Also, free website templates and avatars.
Anti-Brush free brushes for Photoshop 6.0+.
Jenni The Pirate Contains my collection of Prank eMails, AIM's, etc.
Web : Tao The online version of this guide.

Also (?!)
Deviant Art Gallary (My artwork / Designs)
the Beautify Forum (username: jenni)